Lapland 2020 - 1st International Forum of EYP Finland

02/04/2020 to 09/04/2020 

Defrosting the borders: cooperation for a more sustainable Arctic

Lapland 2020 - 1st International Forum of EYP Finland will take place in the city of Rovaniemi, Finland, from 2 April to 9 April. The Head Organisers are Marylyn Rosenqvist (FI) and Anthony Fedorov (FI).


As the first session of EYP Finland that will be organised in Lapland, this event represents an exploration into new frontiers, which naturally brings new challenges to overcome. However, that also gives us new possibilities and the time to see what we can do - to test our limits and break through the usual  conventions. Our aim is for each element of the event to play off one another, so that the overall result is not only an EYP session but an ultimately Nordic experience for all participants. 

The theme of “Defrosting the borders: cooperation for a more sustainable Arctic” is not only relevant for the academics, but also for every other aspect of the session. To make sure that the theme is present throughout the event, we want the programme and organisation to reflect the sentiments of  sustainability, cooperation and greater awareness of the Arctic. As the questions of climate change cannot be solved without working together, similarly we cannot ensure that the session will reach its maximum potential without cooperation both within and between teams.
It is with inside cooperation that we hope to ensure a smooth experience for participants, and with outside cooperation that we aim to involve greater perspectives in the session: the indigenous communities of the Arctic, the local region, the Nordic youth. The session aims to add elements that will enhance the learning experience of participants whether they come from the Nordic countries or not, by making the local region and sustainability an integral part of the event.

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