Kortrijk 2022 - 97th International Session of the European Youth Parliament

29/10/2022 to 06/11/2022 

In a different light

Kortrijk 2022 is the 97th International Session of the European Youth Parliament. This event will gather around 300 participants in autumn 2022 in Kortrijk, Belgium. Kortrijk is one of the oldest cities in Belgium and has been in a constant state of modernisation for the past few years. This makes it an alluring location to bring back an International Session in Belgium after 13 years. 




The motto of Kortrijk 2022 is “In a different light”. This reflects our commitment towards innovation in all areas of the event. By deliberately rethinking common practices while maintaining the organisation’s integrity, we hope to take a step towards a bright future together. In order to do this, we will leave assumptions behind and make all our decisions from the ground up, starting with ‘why’. Our aim is to set the first steps into uncharted waters and with that find unexplored routes within our society. 


The Head Organisers of this session are Anouck Guillot (BE), Cristian Peca (BE) and Jason Scofferi (BE). For any questions, please contact the Organising Team via organising@kortrijk2022.be 

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