International Summerforum of EYP Germany

27/09/2015 to 01/10/2015 

EYP Germany's annual Summerforum will bring together young Europeans in the city where the "Council of Constance" happened 600 years ago. It shaped European history with long-lasting effects.
“600 Years Council of Constance” is an opportunity to come in

The International Summerforum will take place from July 27 - August 1 2015 in the beautiful city of Constance right at Lake Constance. Approximately 100 youngsters from all of Europe will have the chance to participate in the convention and work in committees to elaborate on solutions on Tolerance and Justice in politics under the overall theme „Europe's borders of Tolerance and Justice“.

As part of the 600th Anniversary of the Council of Constance the European Youth Parliament organises an International Forum in Corporation with the council city of Constance.
The Anniversary in 2015 is inspired by the Czech reformer Jan Hus and resolves all around Justice.

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