Humanise 2021 — 3rd Digital Session of EYP Belarus

01/05/2021 to 04/05/2021 

From human being to being human — make a choice in favour of sanity.

Humanise — 3rd Digital Session of EYP Belarus will take place digitally from the 1st till 4th May 2021. 

From human being to being human — make a choice in favour of sanity. 

This topic speaks for itself — humanity is what this world lacks so much and what we want to carry through the entire session. We need to remember who we are and where our humanity is, to stay human even under the wicked skies.

In Humanise we want to give a chance to everyone who is motivated to join this session, who wants to make it better and sets themselves big goals for it. We believe it important to open the session to new faces and ideas in the context of leadership, officials and of course, delegates. 

We want to open Belarus for you, saturating this session with the Belarusian spirit, relocating you to our country, even in a digital format.

Humanise will gather around participants from all over Europe for 4 days (+1 CJO day for officials) and will consist of Teambuilding, Committee Work, and General Assembly.

The session will be head-organised by Iva Lipovtseva (BY) & Polina Slizevich (BY). For further questions, please contact  and


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