Health Think Tank of the EYP

11/09/2020 to 13/09/2020 

The project Young European Takes on “Healthy Lives and Well-Being for all” of the European Youth Parliament with support from the Wellcome Trust and EIT Health will connect young people from across Europe to debate today’s pressing topics in the field of health, encouraging and empowering them to rethink global and EU health policies for a more sustainable, innovative, and healthier future. 

Today’s health systems are facing great pressure to cover the needs of populations across the globe, not least due to the spread of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Questions surrounding sustainable and accountable health governance, equitable access worldwide, innovative health technologies, or unequal disease incidence across demographics show that health is intertwined with many other social and economic areas. Promoting globally sustainable health policies, supported by research and innovation, and led by effective governance, is the key to achieving healthy populations worldwide

The EYP believes the solutions to today’s healthcare challenges must include the perspectives from the young Europeans who will ultimately be affected by these policies. The aggregated “young opinions” stemming from this project are to be shared in close-up debates with decision-makers, as well as with young peers, and the broader public, in order to drive policy change and influence the wider public health discourse. 

A selected Think Tank group will collate all the output from the different health events and put together a white paper outlining the common themes and takes on the Sustainable Development Goal 3 of ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all. The dimensions of this white paper will include:

  • Epidemics and Infectious Diseases (including Access to Medicines)
  • Mental Health
  • Health Governance
  • Healthcare Innovations 

The Think Tank will include online preparatory work and research, and will convene in person in Berlin from the 11th to the 13th of September to put together the white paper. 

You can find a detailed call here

Apply here: until end of day on the 2nd of August (23.59 CEST). 

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