Head Organisers Summit 2020

07/02/2020 to 09/02/2020 

Annual IS meetings of the Head Organisers have already become a tradition! In 2020 for the 9th time the International Office will welcome most of the Head Organisers of the upcoming International Sessions and of the three previous International Sessions.

The Summit is both a training event for the HOs, but also an opportunity for knowledge-sharing and informal exchange among the people who are behind the scenes of the flagship events of the EYP network.

Who’s who, in reverse order:

• Yannick: Rotterdam IS, Autumn 2019
• Tigran: Yerevan IS, Spring 2019
• Aritz: Valencia IS, Summer 2019
• Kira and Pascale: Hamburg IS, Autumn 2019
• Klara and Maciej: Warsaw IS, Summer 2020
• Elena, Margarita and Mike: Nicosia IS, Autumn 2020
• Dana and Mazens: Riga IS, Spring 2021
• Jaša and Daša: Ljubljana IS, Summer 2021


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