Gothenburg 2020 - 9th Western Regional Session of EYP Sweden

13/11/2020 to 15/11/2020 
in Sweden

Dawning with Tomorrow - 'Uniting for a Financially Sustainable Future'

Welcome to Gothenburg 2020 - 9th Western Regional Session of EYP Sweden.

Please note that only members of EYP Sweden, residing in Sweden, can apply to this event.

Gothenburg 2020 - 9th Western Regional Session of EYP Sweden is dedicated to ensuring an economically sustainable future for Europe, and the world at large. In order for future generations to grow up in a world full of possibilities, it is essential that nations cooperate in creating a financially stable future together. Seeing the negative impact of Covid-19 on the European- and global economy, and its complex nature, the world is once again reminded of the dependency between countries and the necessity to act together. A country alone cannot prevent or solve a recession, and economic prosperity can not be achieved without international cooperation. Therefore, the EU holds a crucial role in creating sustainable economic growth, not only for the countries within the EU; but also on a global scale. This includes finding ways of enabling and optimising the European Single Market, in order to maximise its benefits and constituting a solution to economic instabilities. It also includes protecting European citizens from unemployment and personal debt; as well as ensuring that nations can financially support excellent welfare systems. Gothenburg 2020 - 9th Western Regional Session of EYP Sweden will create a platform where young adults can discuss how to secure this economic sustainability, and how to ensure that citizens of Europe together can unite in that movement. Hopefully, if participants bring their voices together, this message of Gothenburg 2020 might echo all the way to Brussels. 

- Thea Erlandsson and Isak Horgosi Gerhardsson, Project Managers 

Officials are expected to arrive at the session on Thursday 12/11, at 12:00, for CMOJ Training.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, EYP Sweden took the decision to host the event digitally. 

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