Geneva 2011 International Communication Training


How to influence people? How to become a great orator – and listener? How to communicate in an international environment? 

The first ever International Communication Training of the European Youth Parliament will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, on 28 April – 1 May. The training will host some 20 participants in the picturesque centre of international finance and diplomacy, easily and inexpensively reached by aeroplane and train.

Geneva 2011 will focus on effective communicationcommunication in an international environment and influencing others. In the home of the UN and the Red Cross, the participants of the training will learn how to communicate with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. They will learn how to make an impact on others through understanding others, active listening and public speaking – and finding out about their personal Why

The training is not focused on any given official role at EYP sessions. Rather, it gives valuable insight and tools to be used in all roles and your personal life. Also, the trainers will make sure to provide a rock solid theoretical framework to sustain practical communication. Using a variety of well-established and innovative methods, the training then will make hands-on use of theory.

Geneva 2011 is not aimed at a specific role, but it definitely aims at making EYP better – participants of the training will bring a new and clarified vision of communication to the EYP world. Among the diverse choice of training events offered by EYP this year, the organisers and trainers will enable participants  to truly give sense to the often acclaimed, but seldomly specified notion of intercultural communication in EYP. 

The training is conducted by Kathy Hartmann-Campbell and Jari Marjelund. Kathy Hartmann-Campbell is a professional trainer based in Basel, Switzerland. She is an expert in effective communication and intercultural communication. Jari Marjelund is an experienced EYP alumnus from Tampere, Finland. He chaired at the International Sessions in Tromsø and Frankfurt and edited at the International Session in Lillehammer. 

Participants are asked to arrive on Thursday 28th of April in the evening; the training ends on Sunday morning. Food, accommodation and transportation, as well as socialising programme are organised by EYP Switzerland. Participants are asked a participation fee of CHF 50 (about EUR 40) that covers all expenses on spot except drinks and personal expenses.

Applicants are asked to fill out the online application form: Application deadline is 9th of March 2011, 23.59 CET. 

Get in touch with the organisers in case of any questions concerning the application process or the training: 


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