EYP Media Academy 2021

02/12/2021 to 05/12/2021 

The Media Academy 2021 is a digital training event which focuses on educating and supporting active members from all over the network in the area of media and communication. The training programme will be divided into separate streams of varying levels of prior knowledge, thus making the Media Academy truly open to anyone. The event does not solely focus on EYP media, as it rather encourages the participants to learn to work with all types of media, making the training a great option for someone who is looking to broaden their horizons in the field of media.

The programme consists of two days filled with workshops and trainings and a more flexible and free schedule over weekdays. During this time, the Trainees will create ‘group projects’ with the Trainers’ team guidance to put their newly obtained knowledge to practice. With Trainees receiving continuous support from their supervisors and fellow participants, the event will produce high quality and diverse output which we hope will inspire all EYPers involved. 

The Media Academy will take place 2–5 December 2021.

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