Eskilstuna 2020 - 10th Eastern Regional Session of EYP Sweden

20/11/2020 to 22/11/2020 
in Sweden

Dawning with Tomorrow - 'Encourage the Voices, Ensure the Justice'

Welcome to Eskilstuna 2020 - 10th Eastern Regional Session of EYP Sweden. 

Please note that only members of EYP Sweden, residing in Sweden, can apply to this event.  

Nowadays, the youth is constantly reminded of their importance in contributing to society. In the current global situation, the world needs their hope and fresh perspective to tackle its most pressing issues. However, it is not an easy situation that living generations leave the next ones with, and this is something that decision-makers of today are aware of. The solutions for gender inequality, the climate crisis and foreign conflicts might seem far away and almost unachievable at times, and these problems might be seen as hurdles too big to cross.

Eskilstuna 2020 - 10th Eastern Regional Session of EYP Sweden is dedicated to the message that the youth can overcome these hurdles with a little encouragement. The mission of the session is to make the participants realise that they have the full power of speaking up about what they feel is wrong and to change what needs to be changed. It is to provide strength to the participants and to grant them the incentive as well as inspiration to cultivate more knowledge and keep up the fight for a better future. It is to make the participants believe that any hurdle can be overcome and that one voice today, can make a huge difference tomorrow. 

Eskilstuna 2020 sets out to channel the strength of those voices in the fight for social- and political justice. Combatting discrimination, corruption and injustices is part of the process of ensuring a society where everyone feels safe, valued and able to contribute to a better world. The participants of the session will be enabled to make this contribution, and collaborate in ensuring that justice is served. An equal world. A happy world. A just world. That is what Eskilstuna 2020 sets out to participate in the creation of. 

- Linn Danielsson and Jack Nassri, Project Managers 

Officials are expected to arrive at the session on Thursday 19/11, at 12:00, for CMOJ Training.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, EYP Sweden took the decision to host the event digitally. 


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