Eskilstuna - 11th Eastern Regional Session of EYP Sweden

26/11/2021 to 28/11/2021 
in Sweden

Reaching for a Better Tomorrow: Per Aspera ad Astra

Eskilstuna 2021 - 11th Eastern Regional Session of EYP Sweden seeks to bring European youth together to discuss the most pressing question currently in front of us: the aftermath of Covid-19. The pandemic has affected all of us, strained international relations and shattered recent years’ progress in eliminating global poverty and food scarcity. Rulers in a plethora of countries have likewise seized opportunities presented by the pandemic to dismantle democratic institutions, undermine the rule of law and violate human rights. The session’s vision is to foster a better understanding of how Covid-19 has changed the world, and how we now must work together to reach for a better tomorrow. As a forum for diverse and vibrant discussion, Eskilstuna 2021 - 11th Eastern Regional Session of EYP Sweden is dedicated to raising the awareness of every single one of us - we all have a role in this globalised world.

- Lana Trbovic and Yohan Atta, Project Managers

Call Booklet and Session Visions:

Officials are expected to arrive at the session on Thursday 25/11, at 12:00, for CMOJ Training.

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