The Empowerment Forum: "Technology, Equality & Integration"

in Sweden

The second meeting in the Empowerment Forum welcomes inspirational speaker Bodil Sidén. She will be speaking about her political career and how to stand up for your beliefs; how it is to change career path into the private sector, working with communications and technology.

The Empowerment Project has been formed to give tools and inspiration to members wishing to pursue their dreams and goals. It also aims to create a safe space where the participants can share knowledge and support for each other. The Empowerment Project has a particular focus on women. It consists of meetings taking place every second to third week, with an inspirational speaker and with a following network group meeting where the topics raised by the speaker will be discussed along with other topics relevant for the group. A mentorship programme will proceed simultaneously with the Empowerment Forum meetings, providing members with an opportunity to have a personally assigned mentor to guide them.

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