Dubrovnik 2020 - 30th National Selection Conference of EYP Croatia

12/03/2020 to 15/03/2020 

Breaking down the walls made of comfort

The 30th National Selection Conference of European Youth Parliament Croatia will take place in Dubrovnik from March 12th (11th for Officials) to March 15th. This will mark the second time the city of Dubrovnik will host an event organised by EYP Croatia, 18 years after the International Session took place there. This event will also mark 25th anniversary of EYP Croatia.

Dubrovnik is one of the jewels of Croatia, representing it with its historical value, architecture, clean blue sea and many other traits, which were recognised by many, from celebrities and television projects to UNESCO (Dubrovnik is listed as one of its World Heritage sites).

150 participants will gather under the topic “Breaking down the walls made of comfort” which encompasses both the academic content and the organisational aspect of the session. More information about the topic of the session and how it’s connected to the youth, the organisation and the city itself is available in the Head Organiser’s vision (see her announcement post).

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Paula Markić, the Head Organiser of this event.

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The event is supported by the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Mr Gordan Jandroković and the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy.

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