Digital International Training 2020 of EYP Georgia

20/08/2020 to 23/08/2020 

Digital International Training 2020 of EYP Georgia is the first digital event of EYP Georgia, which will be adapting to the current pandemic situation and providing quality pieces of training around the world. 

The main idea behind the event is to bring together a diverse audience of Trainees and a multi-disciplinary team of Trainers, both in terms of experience levels and backgrounds. It will serve as a learning platform for both experienced EYPers that would like to step up their game in areas of team management, contingency planning, sustainability, vision development, etc. as well as for newcomers in EYP who have just taken part in their first sessions and would like to be introduced to the world of officials.

The event will take place on August 20-23, 2020 (August 20, 2020, being the Officials' Training Day).  It is head organised by Giko Gozalishvili (GE) and Sesili Bajelidze (GE), edited by Donagh O'Callaghan (IE) and Kate Rodgers (IE), with the trainers' team lead by Catarina Bustorff (BE). 

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