Digital Health Governance Roundtable


What is the aim?

“The aim of the health governance roundtable format is to amplify youth voices in the presence of decision makers, shifting the focus from specific policy recommendations to a wider values-based discussion with a defined youth vision.”


What will the event look like?

This event is part of a collaboration between the EYP and EIT Health and Wellcome Trust. It differs greatly from the usual EYP session concept. 

First, participants will be encouraged to have a wider and more general discussion than what is usually the case in EYP. Instead of formulating resolutions, committees will come up with guiding principles, set priorities, draw outlines and discuss in which direction they think European and global health action should develop.
Second, the roundtable format will feature two working groups per topic. In two phases of committee work participants will first discuss the topic in their respective working group and present their green paper to their sister working group in the second phase. Together both groups have to formulate a joint white paper.
Finally, the event will skip the general assembly and instead offer the participants the rare opportunity to present their white paper to experts. In conjunction with the guest the participants will discuss certain aspects of the topic, get first-hand experience  and evaluate their ideas. 

Besides the opportunity to work together with young Europeans on a set of priorities, outlines and principles, this event will allow the participants to receive first-hand feedback from real decision makers working in the fieldon the topic, so that they can understand the reasoning behind the EU’s course of action and why or why not their proposed principles and priorities are feasible for the future of Europe’s health governance. In addition, because of the smaller initial group size, it will be more engaging for the event’s participants to voice their opinion and take part in shaping the final white paper.


What are the topics?

  • Topic 1: Global health governance: Reforming international structures for strong global health governance.
  • Topic 2: European global health action: Evaluating the EU vision, coordination and action in global health governance during COVID-19 and setting targets for future action.
  • Topic 3: European Union healthcare governance: Developing internal structures that allow the EU to attain its goal of equitable, universal, and high-quality healthcare coverage, accounting for determinants of health and cross-sectoral policy issues.
  • Topic 4: The future of pandemic preparedness: Learning lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, defining challenges and avenues for improved coordination and preparedness.


What’s the academic rationale?

  • First phase: Discussion in Working Groups
    • Eight small working groups of up to five participants are working on the four topics and are guided by one chair each. In consequence, two working groups are allocated to the same topic.
    • Aim: value-based green paper for individual topic consisting of priorities, outlines and principles.
    • Groups receive individual (mini-)TO
  • Second phase: Discussion in Topic Teams
    • Four topic teams are guided by the two chairs of the respective working groups from the first phase.
    • Aim: Developing a joint vision for the topic.
    • The respective two sister working groups present their green paper to each other. Afterwards they discuss their individual points and formulate a white paper.
  • Third phase: Expert Review
    • Aim: Receiving expert feedback on the formulated white paper
    • The Topic Groups present their vision to an expert/decision maker working on the field, so that the experts can give feedback on their ideas. 


Session Outline

Date: 8th September 2020

09:00 - 09:30       Teambuilding in Topic Teams

09:30 - 10:00       Teambuilding in Working Groups

10:00  - 13:00      Discussion in Working Groups

13:00 - 14:00       Lunch Break

14:00 - 16:00       Discussion in Topic Teams

16:00 - open end Presentation to expert and review

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