Digital Fundraising Summit 2021

15/05/2021 to 17/05/2021 

With Fundraising and Finances taking a seat in the backstage all-around European Youth Parliament lately, due to the implementation of the various digital events by National Committees, what would be better than gathering people, in order to share existing practises in the above-mentioned field, together with rethinking the future development of Fundraising inside the network?

The Digital Fundraising Summit 2021 shall aim to bring National Committee Representatives, Understanding Europe Coordinators (as well as other interested individuals ) with the purpose of:

- Getting training in the field of finances such as alternative ways of fundraising, budgeting, building a network of partners and etc.;

- Having a space to share the best practices from the various perspectives;

- Enable NCs to establish specific strategies for post-Covid fundraising.

Digital Fundraising Summit could be a great opportunity for many participants to grasp knowledge/experience and get themselves trained in the basis of Fundraising, followed by some interactive tasks to provide them with a better understanding of the field. 

The Summit shall be concluded with a brainstorming session, with the purpose of rethinking the existing methods and shaping tomorrow’s Fundraising Strategy accordingly, in order to ensure getting back to the on-Field session with the full potential!

The event will be hosted by the European Youth Parliament Georgia in cooperation with the International Office of EYP.

This event is supported by the Federal Foreign Office in the frame of Civil Society Cooperation project “Youth Dialogue for Strong Civic Spaces”.

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