Curiosity − 1st Digital Session of EYP Belarus

01/07/2020 to 05/07/2020 

Dream big. Go global. Stay local

Curiosity Digital Session (CDS) will bring together around 90 participants from all over Europe and take place on July 1-5 fully online, with the first day being dedicated to a number of training and educational modules for all participants.

Curiosity, named after famous rover which is exploring Mars, is the first-ever Digital session organised by European Youth Parliament Belarus. Its motto is 'Dream big. Go global. Stay local'. CDS' theme is connected to technology and its influence on human's life. 

The Head Organiser of the session Hleb Liapeika is looking for starting a new chapter in EYP Belarus story and involving dozens of members of the NC to making CDS happen. He sees space as a symbol of the human ability to dream, and he invites you to dream together about the future of Europe and the whole world.

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