Cēsis 2020 - 18th National Selection Conference of EYP Latvia

10/08/2020 to 17/08/2020 
in Latvia

Reflecting on past actions, creating new behaviours

The Latvian National Selection Conference is the largest event of the year within the framework of the EYP Latvia and one of the longest national sessions. The focus of the conference will be placed on the principle of a single chain between different sessions, linking the topics in, thus the knowledge and ideas gained will be further developed nationally and brought to the world. Given the theme of the spring regional session focusing on various addictions, this session will further elaborated on the topic of habits. During the event, the theme of the conference will be fully implemented, providing a platform for personal growth for participants to gain individual added value, inspire them to be more socially responsible and to reflect on past actions as well as create new behaviours in the right direction to improve their lives and those of others.

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