Campine 2020 - Digital Cross-Border Training Weekend of the European Youth Parliament

25/09/2020 to 27/09/2020 

Campine 2020 - Cross-Border Training Weekend of EYP Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg & The Netherlands is a training event which will provide approximately 50 trainees with training on chairing, journoing, organising and role-unspecific modules. The event will take place from the evening of the 25th of September untill the afternoon of the 27th of September and is aimed at both inexperienced and experienced EYPers providing basic and advanced trainings simultaneously.

"We want to organise a Training Event where people can follow modules and develop their skills in comfort and in a more relaxed environment than the training given at a session."

-Hannes & Yannick (HOs)

EDIT: Due to COVID Regulations this training weekend will be conducted digitally.

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