Borås 2021 - 10th Western Regional Session of EYP Sweden

19/11/2021 to 21/11/2021 
in Sweden

Safe and Secure - a Sustainable Future

Today, our world stands in front of numerous extensive threats. How we act now will leave its mark on the future. Several countries are currently governed by authoritarian governments led by dictatorial despots. Sexual, religious, and ethnic minorities face oppression and persecution – merely because of who they are or what they believe in. Children and youth are forced out of school to work. Humans face starvation and poverty, hardships which often have lethal consequences. People are forced to flee their homes, the place where they should feel most safe and secure, due to war and conflict.

Many people on our earth are vulnerable, and a new generation risks inheriting its parents’ difficulties and destitution. They are born without the conditions necessary for self- actualization and determination. They are forced to grow up in immense poverty. Forced to leave their childhoods behind to endure the calamity of war. Forced to struggle for the rights guaranteed them by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Who protects them? Who teaches them their rights?

Borås 2021 - 10th Western Regional Session of EYP Sweden strives to create a platform where young European citizens can gather and discuss opportunities to make a difference for those growing up in vulnerable and exposed conditions.

- Sigrid Hägerå, Project Manager

Call Booklet: 

Officials are expected to arrive at the session on Thursday 18/11, at 12:00, for CMOJ Training.

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