Bilbao 2021 - 16th National Selection Conference of EYP España

05/10/2021 to 10/10/2021 
in Spain

Our power to transform

We gladly announce that the 16th National Selection Conference of EYP España will take place in Bilbao from 5th to 10th of October 2021. 


With this theme, our purpose is to reflect the transformation that the city of Bilbao has experienced in the last decades, starting as an industrial, polluted and dark city to become one of the greenest, friendliest and most modern cities in Spain and Europe. This power to transform held in the city is the essence we want participants to absorb.

Bilbao NSC 2021 comes from this idea that we all can transform the world if that is what we really want, that all our decisions matter and that even if they look insignificant they will lead us to that change we expect to see in society and ourselves. 

‘OUR POWER TO TRANSFORM’ has the intention of making young people across Europe realise that they have the power to transform the world, that you are never too young to have an opinion and to get involved and try to have a positive impact on society. That young people are capable of everything and that we are the engine that is currently moving the world and will keep moving it for so many years. Bilbao will be the chance for all participants to realise that they have the power to transform society and themselves, to make the world a better place for everyone. 


Bilbao is geographically faultlessly located. Thanks to the great connection with public transport, it is about minutes to get from one side to another. Surrounded by mountains and sea at the same time, creates an astounding environment that as a consequence, Bilbao reaches its peak of harmony. 

Bilbao has been always known for its cuisine, cultural repertoire, innovation, but mostly for its evolution as a city, and this is the key aspect that leads to our theme. Furthermore, the transformation of the city came along with the industrial revolution, which was crucial for the city’s development both technological and social. Due to this improvement, we can proudly say that Bilbao is a green, modern, young and innovative city nowadays, which is waiting for you with its arms wide open. 


We are very aware of the current changing situation we are living with the coronavirus pandemic and, with the session been planned for October 2021, we are hoping Bilbao NSC 2021 to be a face-to-face session. However, both the orga team and the national committee board are keeping track of the evolution of the pandemic in Europe and are planing different scenarios (hybrid) to carry out the session in a safe, enjoyable and enriching way, that will for sure allow all participants to have an awesome experience in Bilbao. 


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