Aleksinac 2017 - 2nd Outreach Weekend of EYP Serbia

20/05/2017 to 21/05/2017 
in Serbia

2nd Outreach Weekend of EYP Serbia will take place in Aleksinac from 20th (19th for the Officials in Niš) to 21st of May 2017. The session is initiated and organised by members of the Board of EYP Serbia, Ms. Ivana Biga and Mr. Marko Nedeljković, with coordinated help of Mr. Miša Vučković. The aim behind the session is to provide equal opportunities for participation to students living outside of our Regional Offices, thereby promoting inclusion and diversity. It will gather around 60 participants and is open to Serbian alumni only. The session is presided by Mr. Stefan Hadzović and edited by Mr. Nikola Milenković.

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