Active Citizenship Lab 2021

24/06/2021 to 27/06/2021 

The Active Citizenship Lab is an initiative born of the new EYP 2021-2025 Strategy, the first pillar of which aims to drive the EYP networks towards being a catalyst for active citizenship. In the framework of this strategy, the Active Citizenship Lab is a project meant to kick-start a long-term process for the promotion of a more impactful, socially engaged, and community-oriented EYP network. With this project, we want to empower the Lab’s participants to become Active Citizenship Shapers, who will be ready to carry on and promote the ideas and concepts transmitted and developed at the event, through 2021, and throughout their own activities within the EYP network.

The Active Citizenship Lab will be a participant-driven project – the objectives and interests of the prospective Active Citizenship Shapers, within the broader aim of promoting greater community and societal engagement by EYP participants, will be the defining factors for the content and methods employed during the Lab. The Lab is a 4-day event, occurring in an innovative hybrid format based around the concept of regional hubs: in addition to the EYP Office, several points around Europe will constitute meeting points for the participants, allowing for greater interaction between participants and a more significant multiplying effect, while minimising travel and social gathering risks. This hybrid format will be reviewed in accordance with public health conditions throughout Europe, in order to ensure the safety of the participants – please note that, depending on how the situation develops, you might need to participate in a fully digital capacity.

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