8th National Conference of EYP Serbia - Novi Sad '15

03/07/2015 to 06/07/2015 
in Serbia

The 8th National Selection Conference of EYP Serbia will be held in Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci, from 4th until 7th of July 2015 under the motto "Pushing perceptions".

Novi Sad '15 - 8th National Selection Conference will take place in Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci, Serbia from 4rd to 7th of July. More then 130 participants from all over Europe will meet and explore Europe together.
During this 4-day Conference, participants will gather to discuss current topics in culture, education and other fields under the Session theme Pushing Perceptions. 
For this reason, we promise a special throwback to when you started your EYP careers and a confluence of ideas of what EYP represents for the youth in Europe. All Officials at the Session will have the opportunity to participate as delegates in an Extraordinary Committee which will tackle the perception of EYP 2025 - what European Youth Parliament should stand for, how it should be structured and how it should influence the youth of Europe 10 years from now. 
The session will be presided by Nemanja Predojevic (RS), edited by Samuel Hoenle (AT) and Britta Thiemt (DE) and head-organised by Ivana Biga (RS).

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