8th Alumni Weekend of EYP Serbia

10/10/2015 to 11/10/2015 
in Serbia

Two-day event for EYP Serbia alumni consisting of various workshops regarding what EYP Serbia is about, its organisational structure and position within EYP network.

During the second weekend in October, EYP Serbia alumni gathered in Belgrade for the 8th Alumni Weekend of EYP Serbia mostly focusing on explaining EYP as an NGO and helping new members with entering the organisation.

Participants were asked to arrive in Belgrade on Saturday, October 10th at 12:00. The program started with different Teambuilding games. After this, the participants were split up to trainings and workshops for new members and trainings and workshops for old members. 8th Alumni Weekend was head-organised by Moma Kovačević (RS) and trainings were held by different Board members of EYP Serbia, as well as former presidents Danilo Laban and Nemanja Predojević.

The trainings finished on Sunday, October 11th at 17 :00h.

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