6th Annual Assembly of EYP Denmark




Dear members and prospective members,
It has been a difficult year, both for you and us. We have not had any activities taking place since our last Annual General Assembly of 2020 because of all the restrictions in place. But let's break the monotony: IT'S DEMOCRACY TIME!
During the Annual General Assembly, the current Executive Board will report to the members how the therm went in total transparency. We will also talk about new ideas and how to move forward. Lastly, we will use our voice to elect a new Executive Board, who will lead the organisation in the coming year.

Of course, the Annual General Assembly is also an opportunity to meet your old friends and get to know new people. Hence, mark the date on your calendar!

The meeting will take place on Zoom.

More information to follow, stay tuned! 

------------Further info---------------------

Sign up through this link: https://forms.gle/dB59T8dzoz4vHkRj8

The programme:
A recap of the board year of 2020, the way forwards in 2021, and the exciting board elections for 2021. There will also be opportunities for members to ask questions and propose changes to how the organisation is run.

Board Elections:
Who can run? All members who wish to gain influence (and experiences, friends and community!) can run for the board.
How to run? Simply state your candidacy at the meeting, when the election is taking place.
If you want to run: The Advisory Board (Karl Vederhus and Endre Haugland) is coordinating the elections and supporting any running candidates, and will help you with your candidacy. Please contact us on mail if you want to run for the board. We will then contact you to discuss and optimise your candidacy Mail: applications@eypdk.org

Meeting documents:
All members are invited to submit agenda points, statute changes and debate topics for the event. Send us a mail!
All updated meeting documents can be found via this link: https://drive.google.com/.../104DJgTzGNhyFOqgjrpi...

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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