5th Training Camp of EYP Ukraine

12/08/2021 to 15/08/2021 

The 5th Training Camp of EYP - Ukraine will be held in the seashore city Odesa, between the 12th and the 15th of August, 2021. It will gather around 100 participants from all over Europe both from and out of the EYP network. The project seeks to develop the soft skills of European youth by organising a platform for intercultural dialogue and sharing diverse ideas and practices among young people during 4-day training courses and evening activities. It is a combination of informal education in diverse teams and cultural activities with sincere talks along the seashore

Training Camp is a non-formal education platform for future participants of EYP events. It will prepare them to effectively perform at future EYP events as an official: organiser, academic or media team member. The main training course encompasses 4 different fields: Project Management, Team Management, Media and Photography and NGO Management. Each participant (trainee) will have a chance to choose one of the tracks to focus on. Additionally, they will also be able to visit other tracks if they wish, therefore getting a broader perspective and knowledge from different areas. Participants of the 5th Training Camp will also be able to develop their soft skills and learn more about active participation in decision-making within their local communities.

The courses will be lead by an international team of experienced trainers from all over the world, who have experience in the corresponding field both within and out of the EYP network. Content and materials for each track will be carefully selected and further reviewed by the head trainer to assure that the information provided is accessible and understandable. Training Camp is welcoming to both beginners and more experienced individuals eager to learn and share their expertise with others.

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