5th Digital EYP 101 Training of EYP Turkey

in Turkey

The 5th Digital EYP 101 Training of EYP Turkey will take place on the 30th of May 2021. In this training session, Turkish delegates who attended the previous sessions of EYP Turkey will receive essential modules on what EYP is, how EYP Turkey functions, how they can use the Members Platform and guidance on how to continue their EYP journey. 

The inspiration behind the logo of the 5th Digital EYP 101 Training of EYP TR is the logo of Blueprint - 1st Digital University Session of EYP Turkey, as we will be welcoming Delegates from our latest session to our EYP Turkey family with this training. 

The training will be organised by the Board of EYP Turkey. Please do not hesitate to contact Alara Özdarendeli, the Board Member on Human Resources via her email address: alara.ozdarendeli@eyp.org.tr should you have any questions regarding the training. 

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