4th Training Camp of EYP Ukraine

08/08/2019 to 11/08/2019 

With the support of NC Support Fund, EYP Ukraine is organising its 4th Training Camp:Urban Edition which will take place in Kyiv, between 8-11 August and will host around 65 participants.

The event is targeting young people with previous EYP experience, who would like to get a profound knowledge in Project Management, Team Management, Media Team Work or National Committee Management and Development. 
Trainees will divided into tracks and will be led by a team of experienced trainers. All together, participants will be able not only improve their knowledge in the respective tracks but also learn to debrief and learn from their own experience as well as from others. 

The trainers team is led by Head Trainer, Sophia Bilenko, supported by the EYP Ukraine Board representatives, Aleksandra Nych and Tetiana Lavrichenko. Media team is led by Editor, Edward Kucherenko. 


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