2nd Officials' Training of EYP Turkey

in Turkey

Training the next generation of EYP TR

The second Officials’ Training of EYP Turkey will take place in the city of İstanbul on the 22nd of December, 2019. The main focus of this one day training will be on understanding EYP better

This training will help incorporate the main values of EYP into the sessions yet to be planned and guide new generation EYPers in their journey by enhancing their understanding of EYP. It will consist of modules on leadership, EU institutions, values in EYP, feedback, conflict and crisis management. The day will end with an interactive discussion about adapting to trends


EYP Turkey members who want to:

-organise a session, 

-learn more about why we structure our sessions the way we do, 

-get a better comprehension of how EYP works in real life (EU institutions),

-discover the concept of feedback,

-discuss how the sessions can adapt to popular trends,

-gain experience on crisis & conflict management are highly encouraged to apply to this training. 


*Members who participated in the 1st Officials’ Training of EYP Turkey are also very welcomed to apply to this training. 

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