24th National Selection Conference of EYP Germany

23/05/2014 to 28/05/2014 

The 24th National Selection Conference of EYP Germany in Potsdam will revolve around the democratic deficit of the European Union. With elections turnouts decreasing ever since 1979 and the citizens’ trust in EU institutions being at an all-time low, the European Union needs to find a new strategy to include its citizens in the decision making process. The citizens feel disconnected as the only institution which they influence through elections is the European Parliament which only has limited powers. Following the European Year of Citizens 2013, the EU now has to go beyond the existing attempts, such as measures introduced with the Treaty of Lisbon, to bridge the gap to the population of its Member States.

Potsdam provides the perfect setting for these debates. Located closely to the German capital Berlin, the city has also been the host for some historic events. The Potsdam Conference after World War II, established the administration of the defeated Germany. The 24th National Selection Conference, Potsdam 2014, will deal with the administration of the European Union.

 The session is head organised by Dorothea Weber (dorothea.weber@eyp.de). If you have any questions concerning this event do not hesitate to contact her. Stay tuned for more information and save the date! It will be worth it.

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