1st Regional Session of EYP Denmark - Sønderborg 2018

14/03/2018 to 17/03/2018 

Welcome to young Europe

The 1st regional Session of the EYP Denmark will be held in Sønderborg (Southern Denmark), between the 14th and the 17th of March, 2018. The session will consist of:

  1. One day CJO training;

  2. One day Team Building;

  3. One day of Committee work;

  4. One of General Assembly.

The session will be particular, as the majority of participants will be representatives of the same school. It will be the biggest event, so far organized by the Danish National Committee. The session will gather approximately 125 participants. Food and accommodation will be of course provided free of charge for the officials.

The theme of the session is “Welcome to young Europe”. 

Vision of the President: Elina Mäkelä (FI)

The session theme, Welcome to Young Europe speaks to me of meeting new people, engaging with significant topics, and broadening your horizons to work with different ideas, ideologies and people. In Sønderborg, we will take important European topics and frame them in the wider global-political context to awaken delegates interests and demonstrate how the topics that they discuss in the committee room can foster debates and discussions relevant to their own lives at home. We will bring classic EYP themes to the session, while simultaneously encouraging for the delegates an increased level of awareness of themselves and the international society they live in, something we value so much in EYP. As Sønderborg is the birthplace of the zero carbon masterplan ProjectZero, making it a true innovator in the energy field and a global base of green technology, the session will also take interest in sustainability topics.

Another particular aspect of my vision is the atmosphere of the Officials Team: I strongly value a balanced work-play dynamic and an ambiance of shared responsibility. I want to establish a shared session spirit and team identity between not only the Chairs Team, but all the Officials Teams. It’s an element too often overlooked at EYP sessions, but I feel that when there are few divisions between teams and an atmosphere of inclusion, collaboration, friendship and collective ownership, the session is one that truly stays with each participant.

So join us in the beautiful town of Sønderborg, discussing topics on global outreach and sustainability, and be a part of building something new, cultivating the next generation of EYP DK and contributing to a developing NC.

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