1st NSC of EYP Armenia

28/06/2013 to 30/06/2013 

It is our great pleasure to inform you that the 1st National Selection Conference of EYP Armenia will take place in Yerevan, Armenia. More than 90 delegates from all regions of the country as well as international delegates will come together for this three-day programme to share, gain EYP experience and tackle a range of issues around the theme “Challenging Crisis: foster innovative approaches”.
The session will be held on on 28-30th June, 2013 and hosted by one of the best and well-equipped universities in Yerevan, Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University. In the scope of the National Selection Conference, the delegation of 3 people will also be chosen based on the Independent Jury’s assessment and the voting of the 90 delegates to represent Armenia at the 74th International Session of European Youth Parliament in Tbilisi, Georgia in 4-13 October, 2013. International Sessions of the European Youth Parliament are held 4 times a year and involve more than 300 delegates, 41 countries, high officials from the EU commission, European Parliament, Council of Europe, etc. Thus, by participating in the National Selection Conference every delegate residing in Armenia gets a chance to represent Armenia at this big event.
The Delegates will be allocated in the 7 committees: Foreign Affairs, Regional Development, Human Rights, Economic and Monetary Affairs, International Trade, Environment and Public Health, Culture and Education, to work in the scope of the proposed topic. The EYP Armenia team will be also organizing a range of evening activities to creat platform for non-formal and cultural communication as a supplement to the academic aspect of the conference.

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