1st Digital Session of EYP Cyprus

22/07/2021 to 25/07/2021 
in Cyprus

'Building resilience; more than just overcoming crises'

The 1st Digital Session of EYP Cyprus will take place from the 22nd to 25th July 2021 (including a CJO training day) and is Head Organised by Androniki  Charalambous & Emily Vrahimi.

*please note that the current organisers call are only open to EYP Cyprus members and alumni due to the nature of the various tasks within this role*

The 1st Digital Session of EYP Cyprus will revolve around the theme of 'Building resilience; more than just overcoming crises':

In the last two decades, the European Union (EU) has faced severe crises: financial, climate, migration, public health and technology, and has faced various challenges when dealing with them and their aftermath. Also, in light of the above, citizens have increasingly questioned and have lost their faith in the institution of the EU, which can significantly impact future efforts to tackle crises in the short and long term future.

Euroscepticism has been flourishing with the UK exiting the EU in 2016. The EU has faced a crisis of faith in its power and its institutions, leading to Europeans questioning their identity as such, the abilities of the EU, and whether it affords the protection and power it promises. This has been exacerbated by the EU’s general failure to deal with situations of emergency, starting with the 2008 financial crisis. The unregulated financial markets and the creation of housing bubbles, led to a great recession, unemployment, income inequality and huge national debts. 

The 2015 migration crisis has also led to an unequal distribution of refugees across the EU, with some countries like Greece and Italy bearing the biggest burden. With climate change worsening, the expectation of thousands of climate refugees entering the EU, will likely lead to another crisis in the future, which the EU is not adequately prepared for. The current climate crisis, with various Member States such as Cyprus not meeting their climate goals, begs for increased EU action to prevent further climate deterioration. 

Moreover, although many had warned about a possible pandemic and how ill-equipped countries were to deal with the severe consequences, the EU has in many areas failed to correctly handle the COVID-19 health emergency. With vaccinations being slow, and the pandemic spreading rapidly all over Europe, how can the EU be prepared for future health emergencies, especially bearing in mind its lack of legal competence in such areas and the tension between Member State sovereignty and EU action? 

The pandemic has also shown how technologically unprepared we are, and how fast we had to adapt to a technologically filled life, which begs the question of how the EU can achieve a balance between innovation and generation equality.

Having the benefit of hindsight, the EU must find ways to better prepare for the future and build resilience from within. There is a need to bolster EU spirit and further unite the EU, so that it can overcome future crises faster and better, as well as prolong the period between them. 

How can the EU learn from its mistakes and build resilience, so that it can prepare for the next crisis?

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