15th National Session of EYP Cyprus

20/08/2021 to 24/08/2021 
in Cyprus

Building resilience; more than just overcoming crises.

The 15th National Session of EYP Cyprus will take place from the 20th to 24th August 2021 (including a CJO training day) and is Head Organised by Alyssa Taliotou and Panagiota Yiallouri. The event is currently planned to take place physically, but the Head Organisers and National Committee will be monitoring the epidimiological situation over the coming months and will make any necessary adjustments.

The 15th National Session of EYP Cyprus will revolve around the theme of 'Building resilience; more than just overcoming crises':

Following the economic and sociopolitical devastation of the Second World War, the six founding countries realised that the only way forward was for them to come together, cooperate and work as a single united front, and thus, as an answer to a crisis, the European Union (EU) was born. 

Today, the ongoing pandemic triggered an array of different crises on a national and international scale, including the collapse of healthcare systems, rising social inequalities, widespread unemployment, further questioning of political ethics and data protection controversies - all in the midst of a global environmental crisis.

The EU has in the past been at the forefront of overcoming challenges and building resilience - from building long lasting peace within Europe with its creation decades ago, to spearheading bold legislation to address the challenge of climate change with the European Green Deal. With the new decade and the pandemic bringing forth new potential challenges and exasperating existing issues, how can the EU effectively deal with the challenges that lie ahead and how can it enforce preventative mechanisms to best prevent future crises? How can the EU address the increasing tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, and how can it prevent tension in the future? How should we address immediate challenges brought forth by the migration crisis whilst ensuring that we prevent a bigger scale crisis and uphold the EU’s respect for human rights?

Faced with these challenges constitutes our era as a possible turning point depending on how we decide to tackle them. At times of crisis we have seen how vital the empowerment of both individuals and the community at large is to building resilience. Providing the necessary tools for youth and individuals to personally grow and develop a strong sense of active citizenship is therefore instrumental in empowering communities to manage crises. It is imperative to examine both individually, but also collectively how we can deal with the current challenges we face, but also look towards the future and prevent future crises - build resilience!

Who is going to be the brave one arising to the new era’s challenges?

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