12th National Selection Conference of EYP Serbia

11/07/2019 to 15/07/2019 
in Serbia

Begin Anywhere

This event will gather over 140 participants from Serbia and the international EYP network. They will meet in the Belgrade, in July to take part in the biggest annual event organised by the European Youth Parliament Serbia. 
For this year’s umbrella theme of the 11th NSC of EYP Serbia, we chose the motto “Begin Anywhere”. The message we are communicating with this year’s theme “Begin anywhere” is one of a fresh start, of extending a hand towards those oppressed and less fortunate. 
Human rights and the violations conducted against them are one of, if not the most, important problems of the world we live in.
The people holding each others’ hands represent unity in the face of adversity, reaching out for the red balloon - a symbol of freedom and hope in achieving that goal.
The session will be head-organised by Nina Zukanović and presided by Maciej Kryński. Should you have any questions regarding the event you may contact them over the official e-mail address of the session belgrade2019@gmail.com.

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