DIGITR 2020 - 1st Digital Session of EYP Turkey

20/05/2020 to 24/05/2020

We are looking for innovative individuals to help us reform the concept of sustainability by combining the elements of digitisation, environment, and education!


EYPIE Webinar Trainings

08/05/2020 to 08/06/2020

It is our pleasure to announce that EYP Ireland will be hosting a series of Webinars in the coming weeks. The outgoing and incoming National Committees have decided to use this period of quarantine as an opportunity to hold online training for members, from the safety of our homes. 


EYP Romania Strategy Day 2020


The National Board of EYP Romania will come together to discuss the future of the organisation while drawing the strategy for the upcoming 5 years.


Vienna 2020 Digital Weekend

18/04/2020 to 19/04/2020

Due to the postponement of EYP Austria's National Session 2020, the leadership of Vienna 2020 has been putting together a Digital Weekend on 18-19 April, which shall act as a waypoint until the actual event can take place.


Maastricht 2021 - 4th International Forum of EYP The Netherlands

15/04/2021 to 21/04/2021

Maastricht 2021 marks the 4th International Forum of EYP The Netherlands, gathering 200 participants from all over Europe from the 15th to the 21st of April 2021 (13th to 22nd of April for officials) to debate issues and exchange ideas under the topic: "The Digital Generation: Setting an Innovati


Strasbourg 2020 - Regional Session of EYP France

09/10/2020 to 11/10/2020

A new regional session of EYP France is coming, this time in the North-East, in the beautiful city of Strasbourg.


EYPUK Strategy Saturday 2020


Both the Board of Trustees and the Alumni Association Executive of EYPUK will come together to discuss the results of EYPUK's 'Big Survey' and to look ahead at the future of the EYPUK.


Vantaa 2021 - 27th National Session of EYP Finland

02/01/2021 to 07/01/2021

Vantaa 2021 - 27th National Session of EYP Finland will be held on 2.–7.1.2021.


Ljubljana 2020 - 6th National Selection Conference of EYP Slovenia

22/07/2020 to 26/07/2020

The 6th National Selection Conference of EYP Slovenia will be held in the capital city of Ljubljana between the 22nd and 26th of July, 21st being the CMOJ day.


Echternach 2020 - 3rd National Forum of EYP Luxembourg (Cancelled)

06/11/2020 to 08/11/2020

The 3rd National Forum of EYP Luxembourg will be held between the 5th and the 8th of November 2020 (the 5th being CMO day). This three-day event will begin with a full day of teambuilding, continue with one day of committee work and one final day of general assembly.