Tbilisi City Session 2020 of EYP Georgia

02/10/2020 to 05/10/2020

Our annual event Tbilisi City Session 2020 of EYP Georgia will take place in the capital city Tbilisi, where vibrant modern architecture surrounds the old, cobblestone city, which underwent a long and complicated history, but now houses one of the biggest tourist


1st Digital Session of EYP Lithuania

30/07/2020 to 02/08/2020

We are proud to present the first Digital Session of EYP Lithuania. We are living in ever-changing times, thus as an organisation we are adapting and want to create a new opportunity to participate in a typical EYP session with a twist.


Project Manager Summer Summit 2020

04/07/2020 to 05/07/2020

On the 4-5 July, the Project Managers of the National Selection Process 2020/2021 will gather in Gothenburg to learn more about the second phase of session planning.


1st Regional Training of South-West Norway


New Connections 2020 is the first co-regional training in the Southwest of Norway, offered to members of EYP Rogaland and EYP Kristiansand, the two southwestern local chapters. Its purpose is to offer modules for new and old EYPers alike.


Officials Training of EYP Finland

17/07/2020 to 19/07/2020

Chairs, Media Team Members and Organisers trainings in one package!


EYP Cyprus Online Discussion Forum


The Online Discussion Forum of EYP Cyprus will take place on the 13th of June and it will engage the youth of Cyprus in a discussion relating to the impact of Covid-19 to various affected areas such as tourism, the economy and social affairs.


RESTART - 1st Digital Session of EYP Azerbaijan

09/07/2020 to 12/07/2020

In response to the lockdown and closure of borders across Europe, EYP Azerbaijan presents its first fully digital session!


The Empowerment Forum: "Technology, Equality & Integration"


The second meeting in the Empowerment Forum welcomes inspirational speaker Bodil Sidén. She will be speaking about her political career and how to stand up for your beliefs; how it is to change career path into the private sector, working with communications and technology.


The Empowerment Forum: "A Career in Foreign Affairs"


An Empowerment Forum meeting with inspirational speaker Désirée Hermann.


1st Digital Session of EYP Finland #wiFI

07/08/2020 to 09/08/2020

1st Digital Session of EYP Finland #wiFI will mark the first digital Session of EYP Finland and take place from the 7th to 9th of August (6.–9.8 for Officials, the 6th being the CJO day). The event is Head Organised by Juliana Wong (FI).