Tirana 2019 - 12th National Selection Conference of EYP Albania

16/05/2019 to 21/05/2019

Young Energy

EYP Albania announces the 12th National Selection Conference that will be held between 16 and 21 of May 2019 in Tirana, Albania and Head-Organised by Tony Mance and Dilor Repishti. This event that aims to gather over 120 youngsters from allover Albania and all around Europe in a series of events related to non-political formal education of youngster with local, European and International politics, is going to be held under a special light marking the first international cooperation of EYP Albania with EYP International and its partners.

The 12th National Selection Conference of EYP Albania holds the theme "Young Energy", one that is embodied in the session logo and its programme. This theme has been selected to reflect two main concepts that affect the life of youngsters across Europe and the world in two very different aspects but to one single goal; building the future for the younger generations. These concepts are both coined in two different contexts of the words “Young Energy”; the energy of the new generations to take up challenging efforts to make a change for a more sustainable future and the new ideas and concepts for managing and improving the energy sector so that it safeguards the future of the environment and of modern life.

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